Opinion – Rise of Right Wing Populism in India

There has been a surge towards right-wing authoritarianism around the globe. This is seen in the increasing electoral validation of the far-right across Europe, razor fences running through Eastern European borders reflecting a growing xenophobic sentiment, Shinzo Abe’s campaign for ‘national revival’ in Japan, and the militaristic tactics of Duterte in the Philippines. There are myriadContinue reading “Opinion – Rise of Right Wing Populism in India”

Mapping China’s Standing in the Times of Covid-19

Over the past few years the tensions between United States and China have engulfed the major and emerging countries across the world. The US-China relationship has surely evolved from the bonhomie during Nixon-Kissinger years to the Asia Pivot under Bush-Obama years-to finally an all-out trade war under Trump-Xi Jiping. Within this context, there is aContinue reading “Mapping China’s Standing in the Times of Covid-19”