Tea Sector in Assam & elsewhere: A wealth for the nation

Assam produces more than 50% of total tea in India and is famous for its rich, full-bodied cup among all other types of tea produced across the country. But India’s tea sector is currently not performing at its best and is certain to face heavy losses, if it keeps functioning with no changes. During theContinue reading “Tea Sector in Assam & elsewhere: A wealth for the nation”

How to plug gaps in the law to prevent and control air pollution

Initiatives such the Commission for Air Quality Management are steps in the right direction, but penal provisions against polluters will need to be made simple and stringent. Image credits: The Indian Express In 2019, I submitted a Private Member’s Bill (PMB), drafted in consultation with civil society and experts, proposing amendments in the Air (PreventionContinue reading “How to plug gaps in the law to prevent and control air pollution”

Oil Palm Monoculture in the North East: More Harm than Good

The Union Cabinet introduced the National Mission on Edible Oils – Oil Palm (NMEO-OP) on August 18, 2021. The centrally sponsored scheme focuses on North Eastern states and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with a reported aim to increase the area and productivity of oil seeds and oil palm. Being one of the largest importers andContinue reading “Oil Palm Monoculture in the North East: More Harm than Good”

Chinese Aggressions: Six Points that the Government Needs to Clarify

Chinese aggression along the Line of Actual Control is increasingly becoming a matter of grave concern. In April 2020, Chinese troops breached the Western sector of the LAC at Galwan Valley in Ladakh. The escalation in tensions that followed led to loss of life on both sides. Critical vantage points are now under Chinese occupation,Continue reading “Chinese Aggressions: Six Points that the Government Needs to Clarify”

Curbing Online Hate Against Women and Minorities

The new year dawned for Muslim women in India with the surfacing of yet another case of online abuse against them. On January 1st, many vocal Muslim women found themselves put up for ‘auctioning’ on an app called “Bulli Bai”, an unwelcome second edition of the “Sulli Deals” app that had made news in earlyContinue reading “Curbing Online Hate Against Women and Minorities”

Why India is a non-signatory to the UN Refugee Convention of 1951

The recent developments in Afghanistan involving the withdrawal of troops by the US and the rise to power of the Taliban has led to the unfolding of a grave humanitarian crisis. This has serious implications for India. Throughout history, India has been renowned for keeping its doors open for the unfortunate foreigner seeking shelter. ButContinue reading “Why India is a non-signatory to the UN Refugee Convention of 1951”

We, The Opposition

As a public policy student more than a decade ago during my time in Israel, I witnessed widespread farmer protests. These farmers were protesting the loss of land due to encroachments in the West Bank. These protests highlighted to me, the need for a structural Opposition for effectuating democratic rights of common people against theContinue reading “We, The Opposition”

Decentralisation of Indian democracy

In 507BC, Rome witnessed the emergence of a political system that would continue to govern the world in 21st century. Democracy has evolved from a modest show of hands to today’s elaborate multi-party system, preserving the value of people’s participation at its core. Today, as the world faces complexities of governance, India shoulders a higher burdenContinue reading “Decentralisation of Indian democracy”

Child Protection in the Lockdown

As the world navigates the battle against the pandemic of COVID-19, we are witnessing social distancing and confinement measures of unparalleled magnitude. In such times of isolation, we must bring our attention to one of the most vulnerable sections of society that have their well being at risk – our children. First, and the mostContinue reading “Child Protection in the Lockdown”

It is time to regulate hate speech on social media | Opinion

Follow global examples in crafting a legal regime that imposes strict liability on intermediaries and users Online forums are often looked at in a vacuum, but they are merely a reflection of society. In India, polarising content and hateful material on the Internet has proliferated in the recent past. Opinions that an individual would earlierContinue reading “It is time to regulate hate speech on social media | Opinion”