We, The Opposition

As a public policy student more than a decade ago during my time in Israel, I witnessed widespread farmer protests. These farmers were protesting the loss of land due to encroachments in the West Bank. These protests highlighted to me, the need for a structural Opposition for effectuating democratic rights of common people against theContinue reading “We, The Opposition”

Decentralisation of Indian democracy

In 507BC, Rome witnessed the emergence of a political system that would continue to govern the world in 21st century. Democracy has evolved from a modest show of hands to today’s elaborate multi-party system, preserving the value of people’s participation at its core. Today, as the world faces complexities of governance, India shoulders a higher burdenContinue reading “Decentralisation of Indian democracy”

Child Protection in the Lockdown

As the world navigates the battle against the pandemic of COVID-19, we are witnessing social distancing and confinement measures of unparalleled magnitude. In such times of isolation, we must bring our attention to one of the most vulnerable sections of society that have their well being at risk – our children. First, and the mostContinue reading “Child Protection in the Lockdown”

It is time to regulate hate speech on social media | Opinion

Follow global examples in crafting a legal regime that imposes strict liability on intermediaries and users Online forums are often looked at in a vacuum, but they are merely a reflection of society. In India, polarising content and hateful material on the Internet has proliferated in the recent past. Opinions that an individual would earlierContinue reading “It is time to regulate hate speech on social media | Opinion”

Curbing Hate Speech on Online

Online forums are often looked at in a vacuum, but it’s increasingly being seen that they are merely a reflection of society. In India, polarizing content and hateful material on the internet has proliferated in the recent past. Conversations that an individual would earlier hold back for fear of societal backlash, have now found theirContinue reading “Curbing Hate Speech on Online”

On Gandhi and his Impact on India’s Constitutional Fabric

From the recently launched Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana to the repeated invocation of the Gandhian dedication to cleanliness as a pioneering thought for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, the BJP led government has time and again found ways to incorporate Mahatma Gandhi’s namesake into their agenda and programs. But just how strong this loyalty toContinue reading “On Gandhi and his Impact on India’s Constitutional Fabric”

Miscalculations and Shoddy Implementation- NRC Fiasco

The fear of being rendered homeless and stateless has once again swept over Assam. The first draft under NRC, shoddily orchestrated under the Bharatiya Janata Party regime, left out over 40 lakh people in 2018. This included people like Mohammad A Haq, who served in the Indian Army for an upward of 30 years. 40Continue reading “Miscalculations and Shoddy Implementation- NRC Fiasco”

Needed, a new headline

The media should encourage a fresh regional perspective on the Northeast that captures its reality. The recent spate of crimes in Delhi against people from Manipur has reminded us how unsafe our capital can be for people from northeastern India. It was only a few weeks ago when a prayer meeting was convened at JantarContinue reading “Needed, a new headline”

On the IIT Amendment Bill

When we talk about the institutions of national importance, one of the implications is that they are able to confer, award their own degrees. This Act is an Act of Parliament and came into being in 1961.Often in our approach to education in the past, we have focused on quantity and numbers. Whether it isContinue reading “On the IIT Amendment Bill”