Impact of Electric Vehicles on Clean Air

On 31 August 2021, I convened a roundtable conference on “Impact of Electric Vehicles on Clean Air” for the Parliamentarians’ Group on Clean Air. Shri Bhagwanth Khuba, Honourable Minister of State for New and Renewable Energy, delivered the keynote address in the conference organized with the support of Swaniti Initiative. Ms Akshima Ghate, Principal, RMI,Continue reading “Impact of Electric Vehicles on Clean Air”

Revamping Pollution Control in India

Over the past year, I have led several efforts aimed towards mitigating the ill-effects of air pollution on human-health, by leveraging expertise of various stakeholders and beneficiaries. The first effort to revamp India’s air pollution control system was to target the legislations that underlie and advise the framework. Upon careful consideration of the legislation, IContinue reading “Revamping Pollution Control in India”

Amending and updating the 1981 Air Act will help in the battle against pollution

In its present form, India’s Air Act does not mention or prioritise the importance of reducing the health impact of rising pollution. This is the first change that a new law on air pollution should bring. As Delhi’s Air Quality Index crosses 500, the national capital has officially entered the public health emergency category. SchoolsContinue reading “Amending and updating the 1981 Air Act will help in the battle against pollution”

A Vision for India’s Future Foreign Policy

As the final years of the 20th century approached, India initiated its pivot into the global market economy through its landmark economic reforms. The overwhelming merits of these reforms ushered India towards unparalleled economic and diplomatic achievements. For instance, the Indian government ratified the groundbreaking US-India Civil Nuclear Treaty in 2008, which paved the wayContinue reading “A Vision for India’s Future Foreign Policy”