Union Government Must Go Back on its Proposal to Amend IAS Cadre Rules

Zero Hour | Budget Session ’22

During Zero Hour on February 5, 2022, I addressed the Lok Sabha on the harms of the proposed amendments to the the IAS Cadre Rules, 1954.

Around 10 states have written to the Union Government protesting the proposal to amend the IAS Cadre Rules, 1954. The Union Government’s argument is that there is a shortage of officers under central deputation. But during the last two years, when the entire country was fighting the pandemic, no such shortage of officers has been reported by the Government. The new proposal to amend the Rules for IAS Cadres is a move in violation of the fundamentals of cooperative federalism. This is an attempt to prevent IAS officers working in state cadres from doing their duties in an impartial manner. The bureaucracy will become another tool in the hands of the Union Government to influence Assembly elections in the future. Late Sardar Patel has said that a good All India Service would have the freedom to state their mind, the sense of security to stick to their word and their rights and privileges are protected. I hence strongly urge the Union Government to go back on its decision to amend the IAS Cadre Rules, 1954.   

Published by mpgauravgogoi

Member of Parliament, Kaliabor Lok Sabha.

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