Delay in NH 37 Construction

Zero Hour | Budget Session ’22

I raised the matter of undue delay in the maintenance and repair works of NH 37 during Zero Hour in Parliament on Wednesday, 9 February, 2022. The four-laning and repair of National Highway 37 from Nagaon to Dibrugarh in Assam has been proceeding at a snail’s pace for the last six years. Originally envisioned to be completed by 2019, the construction is now expected to be delayed even beyond December 2022. I spoke about how this has caused untold sufferings to the people who depend on the highway for commute. The poor condition of the highway was making commute to both Jorhat and Dibrugarh airports difficult for travellers. Tourism in Upper Assam has also taken a hit due to the poor condition of NH 37.

The highway is unmotorable due to huge potholes, with the situation worsening during floods. Lack of initiative on the parts of NHIDCL and the Assam Government has made daily life difficult for common people. No substantive action is being taken against the companies and contractors who delay the construction without due reasons. The Assam Government has not shown enough resolve to acquire the land required for four-laning, especially in the 2.5 km stretch passing through the Dergaon town. It is even reported that the NHIDCL is considering skipping this stretch due to issues with land acquisition.

Stressing on the duty of the Government to recognize the necessity of the Highway for the people of Assam, I called the inordinate delay in completing the works an injustice meted out to them. I hence urged the Government to ensure speedy completion of the project.   

Published by mpgauravgogoi

Member of Parliament, Kaliabor Lok Sabha.

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