Opinions on the Special Protection Group Act – In Parliament

Gaurav Gogoi on the Special Protection Group Act, in Parliament

“This Bill is nothing but a political vendetta, camouflaged in legislation. It is ironical that this Bill was born out of an assassination of a former Prime Minister and it was later amended by the assassination of another former Prime Minister. Now, this Bill is being brought to withdraw protection of the members of that same patriotic family, which has given so much to this nation.

          I would like to talk to you about the reports that were documented by the Government of India when Mahatma Gandhi Ji was assassinated. The former Union Home Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel said that an environment of hate and fear was present at that time which compelled this young man to take this horrific action. It is another thing completely that today in this House, we have an hon. Member who thinks that Nathuram Godse was a patriot and she is not the only one. She should apologise. The same environment of fear and hate which led to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, also exist today because there is a clash of values and civilisation.

          This Bill is completely laughable when it says that due to lack of resources, this Bill is being brought. Is the financial status of this Government so poor? The BJP takes examples of how current SPG protectees do not respect the protocols of the SPG. I want to cite a few examples of how the SPG’s protocols are being violated by this Government, by the hon. Prime Minister. Remember the Gujarat elections, the hon. Prime Minister took a tour on a sea plane with a foreign pilot and with no SPG. Where was the respect for SPG then? This is a very serious issue. We want to review the SPG protocols. We care about the protection of the hon. Prime Minister. That is why, we want to ask this question to the hon. Home Minister. How was the hon. Prime Minister allowed to fly on a sea plane? When Z-plus security fly on a double engine, our hon. Prime Minister flew on a sea plane. That was wrong.

Now, I’ll give second example. It has been recorded in the Media that in Chitradurga during the Karnataka election, one big black box was taken out of the hon. Prime Minister’s chopper and was rushed to a private vehicle, Toyota Innova. …(Interruptions) What was there in the box? This is regarding the review of the SPG. …(Interruptions) We are reviewing the protocols of SPG. Now, I give last example of Odisha election. We care about the security of the hon. Prime Minister. When an official of the Election Commission went to inspect the chopper of the hon. Prime Minister, he was suspended. Why? He was doing his job. He was looking after the security. Therefore, this Bill is purely political, narrow and petty. We oppose it. You should withdraw it. Thank you.”

Published by mpgauravgogoi

Member of Parliament, Kaliabor Lok Sabha.

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