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Decentralisation of Indian democracy

In 507BC, Rome witnessed the emergence of a political system that would continue to govern the world in 21st century. Democracy has evolved from a modest show of hands to today’s elaborate multi-party system, preserving the value of people’s participation at its core. Today, as the world faces complexities of governance, India shoulders a higher burdenContinue reading “Decentralisation of Indian democracy”

Supplementary Demand for Grants- Another withdrawal without accountability

India is in a state of unprecedented crisis. The challenges include the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese aggression on our borders and most importantly, the poor state of the economy. It is pertinent to highlight Prime Minister Modi’s concern as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in November 2013 when he said, “the economy is in trouble,Continue reading “Supplementary Demand for Grants- Another withdrawal without accountability”

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has several features that are impact the very fabric of secularism that the nation was woven with. Listen to me speak in Parliament during the debate concerning the Bill and highlight the critical gaps and problems with the Bill.
Air Pollution impacts all without discrimination. This is why I have put in relentless effort over the past year to raise awareness regarding the need for a new law on air pollution. Listen to me talk about the need for such a law and what it must consist of!

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