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Opinion – Rise of Right Wing Populism in India

There has been a surge towards right-wing authoritarianism around the globe. This is seen in the increasing electoral validation of the far-right across Europe, razor fences running through Eastern European borders reflecting a growing xenophobic sentiment, Shinzo Abe’s campaign for ‘national revival’ in Japan, and the militaristic tactics of Duterte in the Philippines. There are myriadContinue reading “Opinion – Rise of Right Wing Populism in India”

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has several features that are impact the very fabric of secularism that the nation was woven with. Listen to me speak in Parliament during the debate concerning the Bill and highlight the critical gaps and problems with the Bill.
Air Pollution impacts all without discrimination. This is why I have put in relentless effort over the past year to raise awareness regarding the need for a new law on air pollution. Listen to me talk about the need for such a law and what it must consist of!

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